Placing multiple images in a single Photoshop file

Place Multiple Images in Photoshop FileIn my opinion, today’s tip is as easy as it is useful. Admittedly, I didn’t know about it until recently and it’s become a staple in my work personal workflow. Have you ever had a project where you needed to use multiple images in a single file? If you’re a designer, this probably describes 99% of the projects you work on. Here’s a very easy way to import multiple images in Photoshop with but a few clicks.

Steps: File > Scripts > Load Files Into Stack

Photoshop Place Multiple ImagesOnce you’ve clicked “Load Files Into Stack”, you’ll be prompted with the screen below. Select all of the
images you’d like to include and then click ok. If you’d like the images to be converted to smart objects once they’re loaded, there’s a checkbox at the bottom that will allow you to do so.


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